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Kame's 26th birthday ♥

Kazuya Kamenashi, no one can’t describe your awesomeness even if write a book of 1000 pages. But I certainty say that you can shine like no other. And in those 26 years, you showed that with effort you get whatever you want. Has an unmatched courage, and nothing is impossible for you. In these years I‘m watching you, I noticed a great innocence and humility that are hard to find. Despite being one of the sexiest human beings. You got so far that many would doubt, and will achieve much more in the years to come, because you can and deserve.
Be always the cheerful, hardworking, bright, charming and amazing K of KAT-TUN.
Congratulations for everything, Happy Birthday!
And thank you, lovely boy Kame-chan! ♥