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First Meeting (fanfic)

Title: First meeting
Fandom: AKB48/Yamapi
Characters: MayuPi (Mayu Watanabe/Tomohisa Yamashita)
Genre: Fluff

Beta: @biapana thank you!
Rating: PG
Summary: Mayu earned much more than expected in a meeting.
Disclaimer: The characters (unfortunately) don’t belong to me.

Note: The first fanfic I publish in english. :D
Brazilian portuguese version
I really love this pairing , despite being (very) rare. I think it's so perfect, and no one convinces me otherwise. And I love the little Mayupi moments that happen in Music shows.

And thank you lady_nymus for always incentivate me haha <3

Let's go~Collapse )
Tags: drabble, english, mayupi, mayuyu, yamapi

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